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Awards Presented to Pupils on the Occasion of the Confucius Institute’s Art Competition

On 5 March 2021, the Confucius Institute at University of Banja Luka presented awards to

the pupils of the School of Technology from Banja Luka, Andrea Grujic and Milana

Djakovic, who participated in the art competition organized for primary and secondary

school pupils and students of the Academy of Arts at the University of Banja Luka.

Due to the worsened epidemiological situation, awards are being presented gradually to all other awarded pupils, and a permanent exhibition of selected works of art from this competition has been set up at the Faculty of Political Science (the first floor), University of Banja Luka, within the University Campus, where the Confucius Institute is operating.

Citizens may visit the exhibition at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Banja

Luka every working day from 8 am to 7 pm, as well as on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm. They

are required to wear face masks and comply with all the prescribed epidemiological


The awarded pupils and students

The Confucius Institute was pleased to receive over 300 wonderful and creative works from

pupils across the country, who found inspiration for their work in this great and significant

Chinese holiday.

The jury had a difficult task to choose the best works, where Nevena Gluvacevic, a seventh-

grade pupil at Aleksa Santic Primary School from Banja Luka, and Leon Mirjanic and his friends Matija Ninic, Marko Stojcic, Sofija Beronja, Hana Josic, Danilo Maksimovic, Lara

Vujasin, Klara Tolimir, Pavle Bogovac, Rajna Jankovic and Elena Zagaranovic, all first-grade

pupils of Nikola Tesla Primary School from Banja Luka, received awards from the category of

primary schools. Within the same category, special awards for creativity and originality went to

Milica Sandic, a seventh-grade pupil at „Ivo Andric“ Primary School from Banja Luka, Elena

Antonijevic, a third-grade pupil at „Aleksa Santic“ Primary School from Banja Luka, Jelena

Kalaba, a fifth-grade pupil at „Georgi Stojkov Rakovski“ Primary School from Banja Luka,

Sofija Bubić, a seventh-grade pupil at „Zmaj Jova Jovanovic“ Primary School from Banja Luka,

and Aleksej Cutura, a sixth-grade pupil at „Petar Petrovic Njegos“ Primary School from Banja


Within the secondary school category, the awards went to Andrea Grujic from the School of

Technology Banja Luka and Lejla Kuljancic from the Grammar School Zivinice. Special awars

in this category went to Milana Djakovi, pupil of the School of Technology Banja Luka, Neda

Ristic, pupil of the School of Economics in Teslic, Almedina Sinanovic, pupil of the School of

Catering in Doboj, Matea Kristic, pupil of the Franciscan Secondary School in Visoko, and

Milica Pusara, pupil at Banja Luka Grammar School.

As for the students of the Academy of Arts of the University of Banja Luka, the works of

Bosiljka Ostic and Dajana Cuk were awarded.

All authors will be awarded with Certificates of Participation and the schools will get catalogues with all of the works.

Special gratitude goes to all the teachers who helped in preparing and delivering the drawings,

especially those from primary schools „Aleksa Santic“ from Banja Luka, „Zmaj Jova Jovanovic“

Banja Luka, „Ivo Andric“ Banja Luka, „Petar Petrovic Njegos“ Banja Luka, „Ivan Goran

Kovacic“ Banja Luka, „Nikola Tesla“ Banja Luka, „Desanka Maksimovic“ Dragocaj, Banja

Luka, „Vuk S. Karadzic“ Banja Luka, „Sveti Sava“ Banja Luka as well as secondary schools

School of Technology from Banja Luka, Grammar School from Zivinice, School of Economics

from Doboj and Franciscan Secondary School from Visoko.

Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is the most important holiday

in China to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Today, it is not only celebrated in China, but also in many cities around the world with lavish

fireworks, lion or dragon dancing, red lanterns, which are a symbol of the desire for happiness

and prosperity, as well as other cultural and artistic events. In this way, other nations are given

the opportunity to feel the charm of Chinese tradition and culture.


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