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Children of the Elementary School Nikola Tesla in Banja Luka Learned About Chinese Culture

The Confucius Institute at University of Banja Luka prepared a five-day adventure in ancient and modern China for the children of Nikola Tesla Elementary School in Banja Luka by organizing different Chinese culture workshops - from Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy, martial arts, cuisine and the use of chopsticks to the Chinese fashion show in which children wore traditional Chinese dresses and folk costumes.

In the week of Chinese culture called Summer for 5 which took place in the premises of the

elementary school Nikola Tesla Banja Luka from 9 to 13 August 2021, the children had the opportunity to "travel" to China with representatives of the Confucius Institute and learn about its history and different aspects of its tradition and culture.

They learned a lot about the tea culture, the culture of food sharing and its symbolism in China, the celebration of Chinese New Year and the customs nurtured in that country during the Spring Festival, listened to traditional stories and legends about the origin of the four rivers in China, about the forbidden love between a fairy and an ordinary man, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, which was celebrated on 14 August this year, about love between Hou Yi and Chang'e and the Moon Festival, celebrated in China in September, and many other stories.

Through culture and fun, the children learned to greet and present themselves in Chinese and they learned to sing a Chinese song.

Many children in this school have been learning Chinese language for three years now, in the course organized by the Confucius Institute at University of Banja Luka.


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